Free your mailbox of unwanted junk

Unsubscribe from Postal Mail

Text a photo to 504-321-1543

(Capture your address and the sender's name)

Just snap a pic.

Mel will use a combination of automation and virtual assistants to contact the company and have you removed from their list.


Protect the planet

Reduce wasted ink, paper, and gasoline in the production and delivery of junk mail.


Protect your privacy

Reduce the risk of identity theft, and opt-out of corporate databases.


In only 10 seconds

Save Mel's number on your phone and simply send photos of your mail.

Free to get started! Choose a plan when you're satisfied.


$3 / piece

A one-time payment to unsubscribe from a specific sender.

  • Only pay when successful


$25 / year

Unlimited unsubscribes, plus Mel will remove your name from the following lists:

  • Direct Marketing Association ($4 value)

  • The Data & Marketing Association

  • Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion

  • (RedPlum/RetailMeNot) & Share Local Media

  • Your local Yellow Pages

Mel will also register you with the National Do Not Mail List.

Text a photo of junk mail to 504-321-1543

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